Sarah Bourne


Sarah is a highly passionate, HSPC registered Occupational Therapist who has recently relocated from Australia to the UK. With a focus on lifelong disabilities, Sarah has honed her expertise through years of dedicated work across various healthcare sectors. 

Previously, Sarah held a key position working for an allied health provider in Australia, concentrating on empowering individuals with disabilities to regain their independence. She applied a holistic interventional approach through prescribing assistive technology, ongoing skill development, and home modifications tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. 

Beyond her clinical work, Sarah excelled as a team leader, overseeing a multidisciplinary team and managing their professional growth and development. She played an important role in mentoring new graduates, ensuring the delivery of exceptional services, and cultivating a dedicated and positive work culture. Sarah specialises in both adult and paediatric care, as well as having additional training in complex driving assessments and specialised seating. She employs the evidence-based CO-OP approach in her interventions and strives to empower clients to achieve their goals.

Driven by a genuine passion for Occupational Therapy, Sarah thrives from seeing her clients’ progress. Her compassionate and supportive nature allows for meaningful connections with those under her care, creating a collaborative patient-provider relationship and positive health outcomes.

Outside of her profession, Sarah enjoys exploring nature through hiking, travelling, and spending quality time with her friends and beloved animals – Wally the horse, Laya the dog, and Quackers the duck. Sarah is thrilled to be able to expand her skills overseas and bring essential Occupational Therapy services closer to you.

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