FAQ’s for Adult

Adult ADHD and Autism Assessment FAQs

General Questions

The assessment process for adults includes completing pre-assessment questionnaires, an 80-minute assessment session either remotely or in-person, and the provision of a detailed report. This report can be used for treatment planning or shared with your GP.

You can start the process by contacting Chase Lodge Hospital and requesting an assessment. You will be sent forms to fill out, including a self-questionnaire and a relative questionnaire.


You will need to complete two questionnaires before your session. If you have any previous medical or psychological evaluations, having these documents on hand can also be helpful.

Assessment Process

The entire assessment session lasts for about 80 minutes, which includes reviewing your questionnaires and a direct conversation with the specialist. Additional health checks may be required, especially before prescribing any medication.

If medication is deemed appropriate, your specialist might prescribe it during the initial visits. Follow-up visits are usually required to adjust the dosage, and your GP may be involved in ongoing prescription management as per the shared care agreement.

Financial and Legal Considerations

The cost for an in-person adult ADHD/Autism assessment is £800, and for a video call, it is £750.

A shared care agreement involves coordination between your specialist and GP to manage your prescription needs efficiently. Your GP will handle prescriptions once your medication dosage is stabilised, ensuring continuity of care under the guidance of your specialist.


After your assessment, your care may be coordinated with your GP, especially if medications are prescribed. This coordination is detailed in a shared care agreement, which ensures that your treatment aligns with regulatory guidelines.

The detailed assessment report will be prepared and available 3 to 4 weeks after the assessment. If you need the report sooner, arrangements can be made upon request.

Sometimes, more than one session is needed to fully understand your situation. If additional assessments are necessary, your specialist will discuss the next steps during your feedback session.

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